Having dreams is human. Realizing them sets us free.

A portion of sales will support two extraordinary grassroots organizations/movements working on behalf of indigenous sovereignty and undoing racism: Idle No More and The People’s Institute For Survival And Beyond. Please learn more about them and their powerful work.

Pay-what-you-want pricing

I’m thrilled to announce that The Dream Chaser’s Handbook and Toolkit are available as pay-what-you-want for:

  • Indigenous people
  • People of color
  • LGBTQ folks
  • Single birthing or adoptive parents
  • People experiencing disabilities
  • Neurodiverse folks
  • Those who identify as low-income

Pay-what-you-want pricing begins at a low amount ($5 or $10) to cover the administrative costs of the payment processor, but you can choose any price that works for you.

Learn more about The Dream Chaser’s Handbook

Get the Handbook (Solidarity edition) now!

Learn more about The Dream Chaser’s Toolkit

Get the Toolkit (Solidarity Edition) now!

If you find yourself at an intersection of oppression I’ve not listed, please use this option and, if you have the spoons, sign up below and/or send me a note (melanie at redballoonacademy dot com) so I can include you in this description and all my other work.