The Dream Chaser’s Handbook

The Dream Chaser's Handbook CoverA whopping 172 pages of from-the-trenches teaching drawn from a decade of dream chasing. Weighing in at more than 45,000 words, this bad boy is everything you need to move your dream from vague, possibly terrified, idea to lived reality.

The Handbook will give you the tools to walk into your new life whether you’re ready or not. You’ll see why you should start now, rather than waiting for some magic perfect time to appear. You’ll learn about the comfort zone: where yours starts and ends, the risks of staying inside it, and the mountains of gifts that lie on the other side of it. You’ll learn how to develop your intuition, your inner GPS, and use it to guide you towards authenticity in all aspects of your life.

Then we’ll really get into it.

The nitty-gritty roll-up-your-sleeves work of turning your dreams into a reality awaits you in the second half of the book. Are you a perfectionist? I’ll share an approach built especially for those of us who think we have to get it right the first time. I’ll draw directly from my experience as an artist to save you a bunch of stress no matter what your dream is. We’ll dive into the deep-end of fear and uncertainty, two things you will definitely encounter as you create a whole new world for yourself, and safely re-surface in the land of self-care. I’ll share some of the best ways I have learned to take exquisite care of yourself during this intense, transformative time.

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The Dream Chaser’s Toolkit

The Dream Chaser's ToolkitThe Dream Chaser’s Toolkit builds off all the Handbook’s goodness and helps get you into action. Packed with tools to focus your dreams and target your next steps, the Toolkit is designed to move you through any fear, resistance, or roadblocks that are keeping you stuck.

The Toolkit also includes all the exercises I personally use to get my mind clear and focused on my dreams. A guide to creating an inspiration station, a visualization exercise to clarify the heart and higher purpose of your dream, seven gorgeous audio motivators, and a guide to affirmations, one of my favorite tools for re-patterning limiting beliefs.

The Dream Chaser’s Toolkit includes a copy of The Dream Chaser’s Handbook, plus:

Getting Your Dream Done worksheets

  1. Blasting Through Blocks: identifying and dismantling the fears and roadblocks currently standing in your way.
  2. Laser-Focus Your Dreams: a process for focusing in on your most important, life-changing dream
  3. Inspiration Station: a guide to creating one of the most powerful tools there is for manifesting your dream
  4. Getting Your Dreams Done: making a concrete plan to putting your dream into action and getting it done

Dream Clarifying Visualization Exercise

A beautiful, gentle visualization exercise for releasing what holds you back and focusing in on the heart of your dream

Motivation Across The Nation Audio

Seven short-and-sweet audio motivators to mix into your favourite uplifting playlist. Plus, a printed guide for working with these audio motivations and affirmations.

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