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You’re not sure how it happened.

You could probably retrace your steps and figure out the moment. But more likely, it wasn’t just one moment. It was a hundred choices that made a lot of good sense at the time.

Rent had to get paid. Kids needed caring for. The divorce was sudden and messy. Everything else seemed more important, more urgent. And now, there’s not a lot of room.

Oh, there’s room for pressure and groceries and other people’s needs. But, there’s no room for you.

The real you. The passionate, huge-hearted, wise-beyond-your-years human with big ideas and wind in your hair. Remember that person?

Sure you do.

The one who wanted to write poetry, not ad copy. The one who wanted to be a baker, not an engineer. Who wanted to make movies and gardens and music, not barely enough to get by. The one who wanted to travel to Italy, alone, to paint.

You forgot how to color outside the lines. And how necessary that is.

“It’s too late,” you want to say. “I’m too old.” It isn’t and you aren’t. You’ve listened to well-intentioned people tell you to be realistic (whatever that means). You thought playing it safe would save you, but the ground still crumbled under your feet. You spent a lot of time with “I should,” and not enough time with “I could…”

You’re in the right place.

Right now, this minute, you have a Big, Beautiful Dream inside you, longing to be realized.

That dream holds the key to your authentic self. Your long-lost sense of optimism, joy, and adventure. It holds the key to compassion and to making a meaningful contribution to the world.

I’m Melanie Jones and I am passionate about dreams.

I’ve been making Big, Beautiful Dreams happen for the past 10 years, everything from racing a triathlon to producing theatre to moving to New York City. I created a life as an artist and adventurer that’s taken me around the world. I’ve talked to hundreds of people about their dreams. People from Paris, New York City, Sweden, Zambia, India, and Haiti.

And now it’s your turn.

I’ve taken ten years of collected wisdom and written the ultimate how-to.

The Dream Chaser’s Handbook is everything you need to turn your dreams into reality.

It’s time to shake things up. It’s time to finally buy that plane ticket, start that business, and plant those tulip bulbs. It’s time to acquire a taste for Turkish coffee and possibility. It’s time to jettison everything that holds you back.

It’s time to imagine bigger. And to love yourself harder.

So, kick off your shoes, roll up your pants, and wade into the sparkling, azure waters of Living Your Damn Dreams. Ready to get started?

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